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Ticket companies such as Ticketmaster (and formerly Ticketron) comprise the primary way to purchase tickets. They sell tickets for most events, including those for all the major professional sports and most major music venues; many of these organizations work directly through Ticketmaster. The tickets are sold for face value, plus an additional service charge.

Ticketron pioneered computerized ticketing in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Much like how Ticketmaster outlets can be found at grocery stores and other locations, Ticketron had outlets in department stores, allowing customers to purchase tickets for shows in other cities for a service charge of only $1. Ticketron held a near-monopoly on the computerized ticketing market during the 1980s, but Ticketmaster made an increasingly large dent throughout the decade by luring major acts away from Ticketron using a higher service charge. Eventually, Ticketron succumbed to Ticketmaster – they were bought out in 1991.

While companies such as Ticketmaster sell tickets for the lowest prices available online, their supplies run out in the shortest time, often selling out within an hour of the start of the sale. BuySellTix.com sells tickets for more than face value, listing tickets sold by both brokering companies and individuals, but we offer a variety of seating options for a range of prices long after events are declared “sold out.”


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