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More than just a source for great tickets, BuySellTix offers additional information to enhance your ticket purchasing process. Visit our NHL information page to read about your favorite NHL team. Find out when your home team is playing on our NHL schedule page. You can also check out each team's full stadium and roster.

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Founded in 1917, the National Hockey League is home to thirty teams spread across the United States and Canada. Throughout the rich history of the NHL, the one constant has been the high quality of play that exists season after season. As the premier professional hockey league in the World, the NHL has always been one of the great sporting traditions of hockey fans everywhere. There is no better time than now to catch the exciting action of the NHL LIVE with your own National Hockey League Tickets!

After the cancellation of the 2004-05 season due to a labor dispute, the NHL is back in full-force and the action has never been better. Several rule changes have increased the speed of the game, and the action on the ice, to the excitement of fans everywhere. There has never been a more exciting time to be a fan in the NHL, and you have the opportunity to be there LIVE.

In the 2005-06 NHL Season the Carolina Hurricanes took on the task of bringing back the league's popularity. They succeeded by being part of one of the most thrilling NHL Seasons in years, and eventually winning the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup Finals that year went to a thrilling seventh game and reminded hockey fans everywhere why they loved the action of the NHL.

With a new season in full swing, and the action hotter than ever, now is the time to cheer on your favorite NHL team LIVE. With tickets going fast all over the country, and the post-season chase heating up, do not delay to get your opportunity to witness history unfold LIVE. Get your National Hockey League Tickets today!

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