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To learn more about your favorite NFL team, visit our football information page. Plan ahead this season and take a look at the NFL schedule page. BuySellTix doesn't stop there, you can also check out each team's full roster and home stadium. For a wealth of NFL information, visit The wide variety of information made available at BuySellTix ensures a pleasant and informative ticket-purchasing experience.

The NFL is one of America's most popular sport. With the most competitive balance of any league, you never know what team is set for a breakout year.

Formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association, football has quickly become America's game. With fans all over the country gathering in homes, restaurants, bars, garages and stadiums every Sunday, there is nothing more thrilling than the action that is contained within the NFL. Just as special as the game it-self is the American tradition of watching the NFL LIVE. Whether braving the cold in Chicago, or basking under the Florida sun, there is no greater ceremony than a Sunday at the game with your friends and family.

The history of the NFL's has become engrained into American culture. Terms such as "the catch," "the drive" and "the immaculate reception" are know to Americans all over the country as some of football's greatest moments. Every year a new season is born, and with it new traditions and legends ready to arise. The glory of the game is multiplied only by the thrill of being there LIVE.

The last decade of the NFL has brought with it some amazing memories. The dynasty of the New England Patriots was born when they won three Super Bowls. A rookie quarterback led the Pittsburgh Steelers back to championship glory. LaDainian Tomlinson broke the all time season touchdown record. Peyton Manning got the monkey off of his back, and the Chicago Bears shuffled into the Super Bowl once again. With every year leaving its own mark on the footprint of the NFL's rich history, no one ever knows what to expect.

With a new season approaching, new players looking to make their mark and fans everywhere getting ready to once again cheer on their team to victory, there is no better time to see the NFL live. Get ready to be a part of one of the richest traditions in America by being their in person to see NFL history unfold. Who will rise up to bring their team to the glory of a World Championship in 2009? Be there LIVE with great NFL Tickets to find out. It is time to get ready for the 2008 NFL Season!

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