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The Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon, is home to the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association. As part of the Rose Quarter, which includes the Memorial Coliseum, the Theater of the Clouds, and the Exhibit Hall, Rose Garden provides Portland with a place to watch professional sports.

When Rose Garden opened in 1995, it cost $262 million to construct. In addition to the new arena, there was also an entertainment complex, three new parking garages, an office building, and a Memorial Coliseum renovation that were factored into the cost. Financing for Rose Garden was from the city of Portland, the owner of the Portland Trail Blazers, Paul Allen, loans, bonds, and fees from parking and tickets.

Rose Garden features eight primary levels, five of which are open to the public during events. The two major concourses on the 100 and 300 levels, including a portion of the event level, the 200 level preferred seating, and the Suite Level. Capacity for basketball games stands at 21,300 people, including 70 luxury suites and 2,397 club seats. Wheelchair accessible seating is available on all levels of Rose Garden.

Something that the Rose Garden features that no other arena has is an Acoustical Cloud. Located above the floor, the Acoustical Cloud consists of 160 total panels, which allow for customized sound control. Depending on what is being hosted at Rose Garden at the time, the panels can be rotated to allow for maximum sound control to either increase the reverberations, such as for basketball games, or to reduce extraneous sound, such as for acoustic concerts.

The first NBA game at Rose Garden was on November 3, 1995, when the Portland Trail Blazers hosted the Grizzlies, who were located in Vancouver at that time. Other events that have taken place at Rose Garden include various sporting events such as indoor track and field, gymnastics, and hockey. Other non-sporting events at Rose Garden include circuses, ice shows, conventions, U2, and trade shows.

Getting there and getting around

Located at One Center Court in Portland, Oregon, Rose Garden is easily accessible. It is recommended to take I-5 north or southbound. When taking I-205 north or southbound, take the I-84 exit. If needed, take I-84 westbound, and Highway 26 eastbound. There are more then 2,600 parking spaces available in various garages in close proximity to the Rose Garden. There are also 1,700 spaces available at Rose Quarter Off-Site Parking lots that is available five blocks away and only during Portland Trail Blazers games.

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